TOR – Tangible Object Recognition

TOR – Tangible Object Recognition

With Tangible Object Recognition physical objects can become part of interactive presentations. By placing an object on a touch screen, object-specific contents like product prices or specifications can be shown. Furthermore the content can be controlled by the objects rotation. This is a benefit especially for gaming applications. The bottom part of the objects appears as a round and flat plastic chip which generates a number of touch points. These flat chips can easily be integrated in individual objects. Caused by different arrangements of the generated touch points, up to 10 different chips can be recognised.

In addition to the chips, Solutions4AV provides the interface between touch display and application PC. The so-called TOR Box receives the touch data generated by the chips, translates it and forwards it to the application PC. In addition to objects normal touch points can be detected as well. Therefor the TOR-Box uses the established TUIO protocol.


Key features:

  • established communication protocol
  • up to ten objects
  • passive objects without electronic inside
  • reliable hardware
TOR ChipMin. 75mm diameter‚ ca. 6mm height
TOR Object78mm diameter ca. 36mm height
TOR Box115 x 111 x 35 mm (W x H x D)

Touch interfaces
Touch input USB HID‚ TUIO‚ native 3M
Touch outputTUIO (TUIO/2dcur‚ TUIO/2dobj) via ethernet

Warranty: 24 months (only refering to TOR-Box, as TOR-Chips may wear out)

TOR by Solutions4AV