The fluxTOUCH gen3 is the next step in the fluxTOUCH evolution and replaces the fluxTOUCH and fluxTOUCH ultra. Based on „mutual projected capacitive technology“, touch points be recognised through glass capacitively. This technology enables a plane display surface and therefore a slim and innovative design. Another advantage of this technology is the immunity to disturbing ambient light.

Key features:

  • Plane touch surface
  • Immune to ambient light
  • Slim and innovative design
  • Available with Tangible Object Recognition (TOR)
Available sizes55"‚ 65"
Display resolutionUltra-High Definition (UHD) 3840 x 2160
Basic displayNEC X551UHD‚ NECX651UHD-2
Panel55": LCD S-PVA with Edge-LED backlight
65": LCD S-IPS with Edge-LED backlight
Brightness55": 450 nit (500 nit without PCAP sensor)
65": 390 nit (450 nit without PCAP sensor)

Touch Technology
TechnologyPCAP metal mesh
Touch inputsUp to 80 simultaneous touch points with palm rejection
Input methodFinger‚ Tangible Object Recognition (TOR)‚ thin gloves
Accuracy>99% of true position
Touch refresh rategreater that 100 Hz (<10 ms response time)
CommunicationUSB HID Digitizer
ConnectionUSB A female connector
Native driver supportWindows 7‚ 8‚ 10‚ Linux on request
3rd-party driverMac OS (Intel)

Installation/ Operation
Dimensions/ weight55": 1276 x 746‚50 x 79 mm (+/-2‚0 mm)‚ 42kg
65": 1524 x 899 x 89 mm (+/-2‚5 mm)‚ 63 kg
Operating temperature 0 °C to +35 °C
Operating humidity20% RH to 80% RH
OrientationLandscape‚ portrait‚ face-up‚ (with additional precautions)
Operating time24/7

Warranty: 24 months‚ excluding USB cable‚ board connectors and protection glass

fluxTOUCH gen3 Datasheet
    fluxTOUCHultra Linux driver
    fluxTOUCHultra Mac driver
    fluxTOUCHultra driver Windows
    fluxTOUCH driver Windows
    fluxTOUCH driver Mac
    fluxTOUCH driver Linux
    fluxTOUCH Manual

    Technical documentation of fluxTOUCH and fluxTOUCH ultra

    fluxTOUCH Data Sheet

    technical specifications of fluxTOUCH

      ConnectionUSB 2.0 (Full Speed) connector type A
      Operating systemWindows 7‚ 8‚ 10‚ MAC OS X‚ Linux‚ Android
      Software interfacenative Windows 7‚ 8 and 10 touch commands‚ TUIO‚ HID

      Technologymutual projected capacitive
      Response time5 ms
      Frame rate50 fps
      Touch pointsdetects up to 100touch points simultaneously
      Methoddetects any kind of grounded object (finger‚ gloved finger‚ grounded stylus‚…)

      Mechanical data
      Materialsblack coated steel‚ glass‚ foil

      Sizes32"‚ 40"‚ 46"
      ResolutionFull HD (1‚920 x 1‚080)

      Warranty: 24 months‚ excluding USB cable‚ board connectors and protection glass

      fluxTOUCH ultra driver Linux
      fluxTOUCH ultra driver Mac
      fluxTOUCH ultra driver Windows

      Contains Windows Control Panel for fluxTOUCH ultra