dragonfly PLAYER

Ultra compact playout workstation

dragonfly PLAYER

The dragonfl­y-PLAYER is our newest playout solution.
Based on cutting-edge technology, it offers great value for money. With only 1U and 40cm depth, this strong player is able to play up to 4k uncompressed single image sequences at 60 fps and much more from compressed videos. It has 4 DVI/HDMI compatible Display Port 1.2++ ports, offering a maximum playout of 8k x 4k.

By default, the dragonfl­y-Player comes without media server software and can be used according to your preferences and a software of your choice.

As tested software we recommend Pandoras Box Player PRO.

Key features:

  • 4x DP++ 1.2 Outputs powered by Nvidia Quadro M4000
  • Newest generation of V-NAND SSD (up to 2.6GB/s read-speed)
  • Intel i7 processor (4 cores @ up to 4GHz)
  • win 8.1 on independent SSD
  • Ultra-durable server components
  • Modified 1U-housing for better temperature and noise-level
  • dragonflyPLAYER 256GB Edition
  • dragonflyPLAYER 512GB Edition
uncompressed BMPDDS (rgb)DDS (YCoCg)HAPHAP-alphaHAP-Q
dragonfly PLAYER broschure