Research and Development at SOLUTIONS4AV

Research and Development at SOLUTIONS4AV

The strengths of SOLUTIONS4AV are not only the production of special solutions and interactive products, but also the evaluation of such and the testing of possibilities and limits.

With our know-how, our ambition and the constant curiosity behind new developments, we are always able to go beyond the actual finished product and develop something new.


Here is a short video which shows how, for example, the LG Wallpaper OLED could also be used in a curved installation. So far, not officially allowed by the manufacturer, but on our own risk – which is exactly the determination that gives us pleasure in our work – every day.

To be seen is also a prototype of the wallpaper OLED, convert into the world’s thinnest touch screen or the new generation of our primeTOUCH product line, where the infrared diodes are now so small that the frame is only about 3mm thick.

The onyxTOUCH 65″ and the Solidbase floor stand for the Dual-View OLED are a couple of nice examples of some of our already finished purchase and rental products.